Simple, Effective and Spectacular Graphic Design!

Logo Design

Branding is all about creating a connection with your target market that will send specific messages to them about who you are, what you stand for and what they can expect from you. This starts with a logo design that accurately reflects your brand.


New Design



Corporate Identity

A corporate identity package can be designed to consistently deliver your brand message to your target market across mediums and platforms.

Business Cards




Email Signatures


Company Branding

Print Design

Print material is used to continue the brand message through all promotional and advertising efforts, corporate material for client use, and any other requirements. We can provide full print services if required.
design of flyers and brochures
design of newsletters and posters
design of invitations and infographics
design of signage and ebook covers

Website Design

We design exclusively in Divi for WordPress which enables us to create anything from the simplest websites to complex and intricate websites with multiple media functionality and client interaction. We maintain all our websites on a monthly basis and update all plugins and extensions to ensure full functionality at all times. Content management is an additional service.

Eye-Catching Graphics

A website represents the amalgamation of graphics and content to bring across the desired look and feel, and presentation of information. We design stunning graphics and user experience for every website that is in keeping with the client brief and required outcomes.


Brand Images




Colour Palettes

User-Friendly and Responsive Layouts

The layout of a website creates a format for information presentation that is clear, concise and easy to understand. Our layouts are designed with your information in mind – how can we best distribute the information to the online audience to create the desired response.

Copy Writing

Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration

Jeffrey Zeldman

The purpose of design is to enhance content and present it in such a way that the target audience can interact and engage with the information. A website needs to have great content. We write with this in mind.

Social Media Strategy

Social media for business is all about constant interaction and communication of strategic messages through various social media platforms to your target market. It's available to users anywhere, anytime!

Social Media Management

Social media management can be time consuming for business owners and requires a professional hand to ensure brand integrity, continuity, appealing imagery and solid content that will draw your audience in and get the message home.

We use social media to make sure that businesses are connected with their target markets and are present and ready to engage. Whether the intention is to promote your business, create a call to action, build your online presence, increase awareness and exposure, advertise or drive sales, we are here to help you create a social media strategy that is uniquely designed to meet your business needs. Our social media services include research, strategy, design and content for all posts across platforms.

Tailored Campaigns

Depending on your unique needs, we are able to tailor make a limited lifespan promotional campaign for your business. If you are launching a new product, website or starting a new business and need professional assistance for a marketing or promotional campaign, we are the right place to start. Let us handle these ad hoc campaigns for you to maximise your business exposure.

Cross Platform Interaction

Part of a social media strategy is selecting those platforms that will best meet the goals of the client and the industry. Utilising multiple platforms expands potential reach and cross platform interaction is vital to create a solid, effective social media strategy that is reaching the correct target markets. We help our clients to select the right platforms for their needs and strategise to create cross platform interaction.

Design Process

design process